Plan 9 from the mental ward.

Apparently, some people are dumb. Who could be stupid enough to post smiling photos of herself on Facebook when receiving benefits for clinical depression? Isn’t it clear that depressives are never allowed to have a good time? Seriously: You’re claiming disability benefits and still dare to smile? What the bloody hells is wrong with you?

And then, you upload said pictures to social networks and get all riled up (and depressed) when the fine folk of Social Services happen to stumble upon them. In the words of the immortal Ed Wood: Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

Oh well. Who has the right to blame dudes with depressions anyway? It’s serious stuff and costs the economy shitloads of money each year, not to mention the loss of lives associated with this mental illness. A mental illness that apparently more and more people are suffering from, to the joy of Pfizer and Novartis et al.

It’s hard to understand for the layman how somebody can spend, each day, 12+ hours on the interwobble. Writing melancholy poems and discussing the cruelty of Social Services, but still isn’t able to work for a living. Or why someone cracks the minute some unpleasant task ends up on his desk. He’s on sick leave for three weeks! And he goes partying as nothing else will alleviate the constant suffering of his soul! Poor bugger!

Also, he wants to study astrophysics as menial tasks are simply a no-go area for his delicate nature. The onslaught of fresh depressions isn’t due to physicians’ trigger-happy prescription pads, no way. It’s our capitalist neo-liberal society that’s the problem. The same society that wants us sods to earn our grades so we’re allowed to go to University. Unfair! We all want to express our deepest desires, it’s the society’s responsibility to enable us to do so! And if we’re unfit for College or holding up to the demands of a well-paid job, we must be allowed to go on trying! What are our parents paying taxes for, anyway? What do you mean, therapy? Medication? Are you nuts?

Take your hint from good ole Edward – you might be crazy as bugger all, but you just go on with it! You work your ass off to fulfil your artistic dream, and turn into the laughing stock of generations to come!

Oh, wait …

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