Copyright, or a Tale of Lotsa Woes.

Just bloody piss off.


I have troubles understanding why you delete, again and again, YouTube videos of a song from 90s. Or block access to it. I mean, what for? This crap is over a decade old! But, well, nevermind.

No, you kill off potential fans, your potential customers. Do you really think YouTube and cheapo MP3 conversions will sway your target audience from higher-quality offerings, such as CDs? Or Blurays, nowadays? Hey, it rhymes, so there must be a connection!

Seriously, who wants to listen to this stuff if there’s a better-sounding option available? Dudes playing with the speakers of their cell phones? Seriously? Do you admit this is your audience?

And then, you have stuff like this that doesn’t even play in most of continental Europe, while Amanda sells her underwear over Twitter to make more money than with her Major Label contract. Because, well, you forgot to issue a license to your local/national sub-contractors.

Well done! You don’t pay the artist nearly enough, but hey, this isn’t a reason not to cut down her promotion facilities, too! She still has Twitter, after all.

Go you. You rock.

2 thoughts on “Copyright, or a Tale of Lotsa Woes.

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  2. Sascha Post author

    Okay, abovelinked “Oasis” video plays now, even in central Europe. The mighty Palmer got out of her Roadrunner record deal, retaining all her rights, so …

    More power to Amanda Fucking Palmer!

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