The Night of the Living Easter Bunny.

How better to commemorate the Nazarene’s rebirth than with a Zombie flick marathon on TV? But no, we get Quo Vadis, too many Temptations of the Christ, the odd stupid Gibson movie, and cartoons.

We want zombies!

I call 28 Days Later, Resident Evil, and Shaun of the Dead. With a side order of Raimi, Romero and Fulci. Okay, Life of Brian isn’t to be avoided either. BRAAAAINS. Err, Brians. Anyway:

You got red on you!

Seriously. Why didn’t they play Die Hard on Good Friday? You do want to cater for your audience, no?

Your mother ate my dog! So, yeah. Giev Zombies. Now.

7 thoughts on “The Night of the Living Easter Bunny.

  1. Sascha Post author

    Yessss. Is it available on DVD yet? Loved that one.

    “Die Nacht der reitenden Leichen” was rad, too. Spanish, okay, but hey … it rocked! AND it was religious, somewhat. So, yeah.


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  3. projolly

    Not “Shaun of the dead” please. It’s to funny. Good Friday is a contemplative day, where we all should mourn our zombies. By the way, why call the Anglicists “Karfreitag” a “Good Friday”? Is it a good day when people go into the cellar for a laughter?

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