Reality check: You’re not the Media’s customers.

No, you’re a necessary evil. The real customers are advertising companies and all them salespeople that want to peddle their goods. Most TV formats are interruptions to the ongoing flow of publicity and marketing, their content shrewdly determined by what-people-want-to-see. So the audience sits through this ad fest and believes itself understood and informed.

Sometimes, the Media work hand-in-hand to ensure what-people-want-to-see is what-the-real-customers-want-to-have-associated-with-their-product. Woah, loads of hyphens right there. Apologies.

This also goes for magazines and many newspapers, the latter being a tad more aggressive than their TV counterparts: Let’s make sure there’s a world-wide ban of distributing content which hasn’t been properly licensed from big news agencies. After all, we all print the same stuff to save on wages for reporters. Gods forbid if people could actually read those news without advertisements; our customers wouldn’t be happy about that, would they?

So – support public-law offerings (you pay for them after all, hence you are the customer), and: the Indies. Buy shows on DVD or online if they are worth it. Take yourself out of the equation, atta boy.

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