The Path merits a re-posting.

I’m usually not one to reiterate stuff I’ve already published. But for fuck’s sake, Tale of Tales The Path is well worth it.

So, yeah. Read my original article again or, should you be new around here, for the very first time. Like Little Red Riding Hood skipping through the woods or something. But beware of The Wolf:

Holy grandmother of the carpenter. This game has balls. Big shaved ones. Shaved not because they belong to a metrosexual, but because them balls are so hairy they needed shaving.

I mean: WTF.

Great, great, great stuff. The epilogue is the perfect coda to the experience that is this game. If you have half a brain left, you’ll start to wonder about the game’s message, the human condition, major video game corporations amount of #fail, and why the hells you’ve paid $50 for another re-hash of some idiocy that was interesting five years ago. You know. Like Assassin’s Creed 2 or Super Smash Bowl 666 or whatever.

Yeah, yeah, I’ll stop now. Go get the game. Thanks, guv.

Subliminal message: Give the demo a try. And if you go “ya, interesting”, give them devs your money. It’s well invested.

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