Helvetica sucks.

Enjoy using Helvetica? Be it for ad copy, corporate web sites, or the odd letter to your granny? Think again.

Somebody with more oomph than yours truly explains the dire situation of Global Helveticaism in plain words and with shitloads of credibility. Yes, the name Bruno Maag might only turn the ears of typo geeks like meself red with glee. But his frankness and sarcasm make this interview well worth a read – even for people who constantly mistake Arial for Times. Or something.

Check it out. And stop bloody using Helvetica for everything. It’s not “Swiss Style” or something, we guys have been employing better typefaces for ages. Helvetica plain sucks for longer passages, and never ever even think about using it for body text. Pretty please? You’ll make baby Jesus cry if you do. Don’t be lazy. Look for better alternatives for what you want to do. If it still ends up being Helvetica, so be it. The typeface still blows for copy, though.

Now excuse me while I check my style sheet for accidental irony.

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