One blade is enough, or what I did on me holidays.

With the force of a rabid Böser, the epiphany hit me during a five-days-trip through Switzerland. Equipped with nothing more than about 150 fags and pile of single-use Bic razors.

Many things annoyed me during my holidays, things such as backpackers, burkas, Dutch automobilists, and hotel rooms reminiscent of 1970s naughty movies. The one thing that did not piss me off was my decision to go Simple in the shaving department. To wit, single-blade razors and a tin of soap.

I don’t want my shaving gear to vibrate like an adult toy or use system blades that cost a bloody mint. What are they thinking? The results aren’t any better than with single blades, a steady hand provided. Actually, they are worse. And them damn system razors force stores to lock up the blades next to ciggies and hardcore booze as too many refills get stolen. Because they are too fucking expensive.

Give simplicity a shot. Or rather: a shave. You’ll never move back to the future. Also, you might start to wonder about the Power of Marketeers™. More than you already have wondered, that is.

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