When the media cater for search patterns.

No, I won’t frame it, so I’ll leave out the author’s name and obvious keywords including “r+ssist” and “k+pftuchm+dchen”. (Google tells me those are the most prominent search terms I could use, so I won’t.) If you read this blog, you already know what I’m talking about or wonder, again, about my booze consumption. Anyway.

It puzzles me how so many people go rampant on FREE SPEECH even though there is no censorship. I mean, the book in question is being re-printed, as we speak, for the 250000th time. Does this sound like censorship to you?

Also, the whole “nobody dared openly telling the truth before” thing. Duh? If no-one did before, why the hells do you think this is such a topic in political circles? Where do you guess does the Nazikeule come from? A beard in the sky?

This whole discussion is stupid beyond belief, hence no trigger words for you today, GoogleBot! (Awww.) Deal with it, nothing to feed the Fear Machine here. (Okay, there’s tons of self-righteous blog postings out there, so fare thee well!) Sorry, but I don’t enjoy being another brick in the wall. (That was uncalled for, I just log what people write.) Yes you do, but fuck, you are getting fucked by SEO. (Don’t rub it in, please.) Okay. No harm meant. (Thanks.) Don’t mention it.

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