Facebook still isn’t Satan.

The latest act of vileness Facebook has committed is to share your information and that of your contacts with certain partner sites. The feature called “Instant Personalisation” totally buggers all sorts of personality rights and is yet another reason to quit Facebook as quickly as possible. Or so too many of my contacts tell me, with the same copy-pasted text. The accompanying outcries from Baby Datajesus are more diverse, but all include a certain getting-molested-by-Big-Business™ quality.


Bloody well read the bloody manual! All Facebook shares with its partner websites is the information you yourself labelled as free-for-all to begin with. Like, anybody not on your friends list. Even your inlaws. Or your Rabbi. And pretty much all search engines/robots out there. Like you intended to do because Social Media aren’t much fun if people who know you can’t find you. That’s why you chose to set certain bits of information to “Everyone” in your privacy settings, right? Right?

But hey, everybody knows Facebook is evil, has been Satan incarnate from the very beginning. That’s why you still stick around. Yeah.

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