NEED MORE HATRED: The evil that farmers do.

So you bought Diablo III at launch. You spent about 10h/day on the game, while it still was pretty raw and you were able to gain a couple of million “gold” with weirdo game mechanics, while, at the same time, you have alienated either your spouse, your boss, or both.

And now you defend your new-ish way of life with teeth, claws and the odd airborne pro-gamer mouse because Blizzard is fixing the game, making sure it plays the way they intended, without too many loopholes and bugs. Because, well, you don’t want to play a hack-n-slash, or Diablo, no, you want to play Farmville.

You bitch about the game developer removing bugs such as “you shall not walk over this weaponry” because, well, that’s what you play the game for. Reached level 60, beat Diablo @ Inferno difficulty? I.e. beat the game? No matter, you want to farm more and better gear so you can sell it for real money in the Auction House. Or because you enjoy running through the same “runs” again and again and again, hoping for the odd “Rare” or even “Legendary” drop from the same mob you already have farmed 42 times.

Blizzard says: “We don’t want people to farm bosses, we want them to play the bloody game” (paraphrased), and you moan about too few high-level items popping up after you’ve killed the same enemies again and again and again. You’re at level 60, killed Diablo in Inferno difficulty, The End™, but you still feel cheated because them monsters don’t deliver the goods, i.e. gear you didn’t need to finish the fucking game to begin with. Rather than replaying the game, you complain Act 3 isn’t “worth it anymore after the latest patch/nerf” as the items found in Acts 1 and 2 are on-par. Or whatever.

How about playing Act 3 because you enjoy playing Act 3?

But yeah, I understand. For you, Diablo III is like a job next to your day job. Farm lots online after getting home, sell the gear online, profit either monetarily or with a push to your self-esteem because you feel l33t. Blizzard nerfs your very existence, because you need to run through the same mobs again and again and again. You paid 30 Quid for the game, it simply needs to cater to your every whim, even though you’ve already spent 100 hours on it and, well, finished the bloody game.

Wait for the add-on, if you enjoyed Diablo III. If you didn’t find it too engaging, as you can’t farm enough, well – there’s always Farmville. I’m told there’s even a cow level.

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