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Artist shitstorm as seen in Switzerland, January 2012.

So you ask all them culture and arts dudes and dudettes to bitch about the Hildebrand case. Or rather, how certain media (Weltwoche, cough) or certain political figures (Lei, Blocher, cough) kicked the Swiss society in the balls, or are hugely misjudged, or totally wrong so we need to Do Something™. And how we guys and gals feel about it, generally speaking, artistically and whatnot. Being all artsy and cultural and stuff about it, too.

Well, my estimate: We hate it. At least, I do, which means quite a few persona unless I take my meds, or enough beer. Or, preferably, both. But I digress.

I can’t know what Hildebrand did or didn’t do for sure. That’s sorta the point: You can’t prove your innocence. That’s why we have all them laws and regulations in place, so nobody gets damned without any proof. Proof as in The Law™, rather than some arbitrary morality talk you spew because, well, you think you’re right, or your opponent is in the wrong party, or fucks your stock returns.

This is important: The laws are in place simply because one guy’s or gal’s moral understanding will be different from what others will deem appropriate. That’s the main reason we have laws to begin with. Going all “but it’s wrong!” simply because you lost a couple of thou on the markets is not very, well, moral.

But as the Hildebrand case has been, mainly, a discussion between different media exponents, with few political powers chuckling about how everybody turns moral all of a sudden, there isn’t anything I could add to this aspect of the pseudo-discussion.

What I can comment on is the way either side talks about what they think is reality. It may be in the eye of the beholder, but for Gods’ sake stay consistent! In this respect, the Weltwoche-SVP-Blocherarian bunch loses. Not because I don’t like them, but because they negate their own statements all too quickly.

Reality, conceived by society, is made up through discourse. And, in the end, reality is what the majority decides on. Reiterating statements that have been negated long ago is not a sign of a sane mind, but might be sensible for your cause. Reacting to people asking you why you’re lying with “you need to see the big picture, and I didn’t lie, reiterate” is insane behaviour, no matter what. Which is fine by me, mark the meds above, but for fuck’s sake:

Keep consistent in your arguing!

Well, as I’m supposed to answer this plea artistically, let me add a photo. Make of it what you may.

Immigrant cows climbing over our borders need to be stopped.

Supertalent: Divide and conquer.

Make sure there’s something on the telly the people that elect you into office will laugh about. Even better, present a mix of things people will laugh at, and – ideally – feel the urge to grace the bog with the contents of their stomaches.

It’s always nice to look down on white trash, ennit? Bad teeth help.

Then, for full effect, air it on private TV so nobody can say you officially tried to reduce the average IQ of your citizens by using tax money. A holier-than-thou perspective helps, too.

Sounds like a great conspiracy theory, no? Frankly, I don’t know whether I’d prefer the conspiracy, or the fact that it’s a show that’s only aired because, well, shitloads of people enjoy watching other people flirting with committal (or admission) to the odd mental asylum or two.

The free market is a bitch, it sells to the highest bidder. But as long as there’s enough people who enjoy watching faked orgasms by bass players, just after a Chinese designer was shat on for mispronouncing her age, and some gal marketing herself as an orphan due to the gun-violence death of her father, well – it’s a market controlled by the customer.

Count me in. Damn.

Facebook still isn’t Satan.

The latest act of vileness Facebook has committed is to share your information and that of your contacts with certain partner sites. The feature called “Instant Personalisation” totally buggers all sorts of personality rights and is yet another reason to quit Facebook as quickly as possible. Or so too many of my contacts tell me, with the same copy-pasted text. The accompanying outcries from Baby Datajesus are more diverse, but all include a certain getting-molested-by-Big-Business™ quality.


Bloody well read the bloody manual! All Facebook shares with its partner websites is the information you yourself labelled as free-for-all to begin with. Like, anybody not on your friends list. Even your inlaws. Or your Rabbi. And pretty much all search engines/robots out there. Like you intended to do because Social Media aren’t much fun if people who know you can’t find you. That’s why you chose to set certain bits of information to “Everyone” in your privacy settings, right? Right?

But hey, everybody knows Facebook is evil, has been Satan incarnate from the very beginning. That’s why you still stick around. Yeah.

Fuck you, Part II.

Seriously, fuck you. I know, I said it before, but: Fuck. You.

So some Not-for-Profit publishes stuff you don’t like. Okay. Spokesperson to said Not-for-Profit has tried to talk to you for nigh two months, a fact you have ignored because it was, well, terrorist-style, or something. Okay.

So you bomb said Not-for-Profit’s website and DNS entries. O … k. Different people swing different ways, fine by yours truly. But why the flying fuck don’t you stop being, well, an asshole?

Asshole: Somebody who acts like a poop-shoot even though he (or she, this is an equal-opportunity thing) knows he (or she) had decided to ignore the straw to cling to, ages ago. And now bitches about it, using all the lever he (or she) has at his (or her) disposal.

Like, two months ago. Before all that Wikileaks stuff got published. You guys were approached. Not in an arrogant way, not at all. But hey, we’re in charge, so, eh, fuck you?

Well, enjoy the ass-biting. Also enjoy said ass-biting, certain media with no interest in journalism. You got the stuff weeks ago and dedicated more than 40 journalists to it. That’s what you got out of it? Seriously?

Get a new job. Or see your reverend. Or check your balance. Whatever, just stop this nonsense. The people who know, know. Those who don’t care, well, won’t care. So for fuck’s sake, stop this idiocy.