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Of glare displays and rectal colour professionals.

Yes, hardly anybody was happy about Apple releasing their current line of notebook computers with glare displays. Plus a sheet of glass in front of said displays. Gnashing of teeth ensued, and naturally the “colour professionals” had to put their heads up their collective rectums, too: Give us matte displays NOW!

All Jack Bauer-ish screaming bloody murder didn’t impress Apple all that much. Well, okay, there was an option for non-gloss in their largest MacBook model, followed by built-to-order 15” thingies with matte panels. But rectal professionals aren’t happy yet. Give us non-glare 13” MacBook Pros, or we’ll shove our heads further up our asses! Err, I mean: Or we’ll never buy an Apple product again! Ever! You can’t work with colours on them oversaturated glossy crap displays! Satan invented them, and Jesus Jobs has to fight the Powers of Oversaturation!

Dudes, get a life.

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