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Supertalent: Divide and conquer.

Make sure there’s something on the telly the people that elect you into office will laugh about. Even better, present a mix of things people will laugh at, and – ideally – feel the urge to grace the bog with the contents of their stomaches.

It’s always nice to look down on white trash, ennit? Bad teeth help.

Then, for full effect, air it on private TV so nobody can say you officially tried to reduce the average IQ of your citizens by using tax money. A holier-than-thou perspective helps, too.

Sounds like a great conspiracy theory, no? Frankly, I don’t know whether I’d prefer the conspiracy, or the fact that it’s a show that’s only aired because, well, shitloads of people enjoy watching other people flirting with committal (or admission) to the odd mental asylum or two.

The free market is a bitch, it sells to the highest bidder. But as long as there’s enough people who enjoy watching faked orgasms by bass players, just after a Chinese designer was shat on for mispronouncing her age, and some gal marketing herself as an orphan due to the gun-violence death of her father, well – it’s a market controlled by the customer.

Count me in. Damn.

Moloch hates his dietary supplements, ringadidingding.

Ya, the Moloch called Pharma eats its kids. Alive. Or dying, for that matter, because it likes to pull the legs of depressives and other psycho cases, hoping for some bells to go ringadidingding.

Bells that say: Money! Lotsa Money!

So, rather than taking your SSRI et al, feeding Pharma Moloch, you’re looking for alternatives. Such as …

… Dietary supplements.

Damn them physiological facts! Them vitamin capsules can’t properly be absorbed by my body so they wash out through my kidneys and intestine? But hey, I don’t feed Pharma Moloch! And anyways, who says they can’t work? Big Brother Pharmaceuticals™, naturally! Forget about hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific studies saying the same thing. Pharma! Because, well, they fear for their income from anti-depressants and anxiety drugs! You know, those drugs you need a prescription for and, hence, aren’t sold nearly as ubiquitous as them mineral-vitamin complexes with funky names and colourful packaging!

It’s just basic logic that the evil pharma complex won’t dream of selling their own dietary supplements, in billions of doses per year, without any control by health services. No, naturally they rather want to peddle their evil chemical drugs that require a physician to sign a slip of paper and drug stores to, well, store them bad boys in a lockbox rather than putting them next to the teller.

It’s a conspiracy, I tell you. Pharma Moloch doesn’t want easy money, he wants to eat his customers. Alive and … wriggling.

Cooking a herring rather than swallowing them Omega-3 capsules each day? And what’s wrong with my vitamin C supplement? Hey, they treat cancer with that stuff! D’accord, via infusions and not using pills, but that’s besides the point! I read this book by this European dude nobody outside the Circle of Illuminated has ever heard of! That dude that is wrongly accused of killing people through malpractise. Wrongly! He can’t be wrong! He’s one dude against the mighty


Yeah. Right.

Gregory House, M.D., wants to manipulate you.

You’re seriously ill, huh? Makes sense, then, that you refuse medical treatment and rather go the homeopathy route. Hells, why even see a physician to begin with? They’re only the cartel’s bitches, anyway.

I mean – how can anybody trust the meds industry and their pawns, aka “doctors”? After all, if everybody were healthy, they wouldn’t be able to make money, no? So naturally they try to make everybody as sick as possible so they can buy expensive German automobiles and a house or two.

House, yes. Ever wondered why the production values of House, M.D. are this high? Naturally it’s meant as televised propaganda so people trust their doctors more. All in the guise of a misanthrope with a drug habit. Them sneaky bastards! Tricking people into believing the medical lie by making the protagonist a cynical wanker!

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