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Potential client monologue.

“Yes, we really want you to write them p.r. texts for us. Copy it is called, no? Yes, yes, I’ll tell you about our company later. Let’s talk money first.

“Well, yes, we need the stuff quicksmart, sure, but you must have got your numbers all mixed up. I checked on the Internets, you know. Not that I want to insinuate fraud, no no, don’t get me wrong. But I guess you’ve only worked for suckers up to this point. Yeah, sorry, that was rude. Let’s settle for uninformed clients, then?

“You see, that web page thingy told me exactly what appropriate rates for professional-quality writing are: Up to about four quid per page which really is a lot so we’ll settle on good-enough-but-not-perfect. Let’s say two pounds per page. Deal?

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