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Think green. Think different. Think Apple 2011.

Cheerio Apple. You lead the industry through innovation and reduce-to-the-max. You know what people want; after all, you have sold gazillions of computers and iDevices in the past five years. You know better than your customers what said customers really want, what they need. To wit:

» Automated picture slide shows. With drop shadows!

» Indiana-Jones-themed fonts, music, and maps for movie templates.

» Fullscreen!

» Software that will make your school band’s rehearsals unnecessary. In fullscreen!

» But Apple still include interactive instrument lessons, Gods know why.

» A central repository store for applications. Unfortunately, not in fullscreen.

» Soldered Proprietary mass storage for your new notebooks. Instant-on is more important than easy repair or expansion.

» Application switcher on steroids. And in fullscreen!

» Have I mentioned fullscreen applications with integrated mail and social media functionality? After a couple of decades proclaiming it’s all about documents, not applications?

Your track record is legendary, oh mighty Apple. So I guess you really hit the bull’s eye with your estimate of what the masses really buy need. Think different? Well, if this includes think Facebook, think biotagging, think DRM, you’ve also hit the nail into the bull’s eye. Or something.

And if your mass storage fucks up, well, think green, too, and put your MacBook Air in the trash. That’s what you have your Greenpeace No Heavy Metals certificate for, after all.

Guide dogs are overrated, especially their use for the blind.

The Swiss IV or Invalidenversicherung, social services specially targeted at the disabled, need to spend less. Billions of Swiss Francs drain from already tight pockets, more and more residents need to apply for financial support. Or, as certain parties like to stress in the blindness of voters’ loyalty, apply with no need but loads of criminal energy.

But do the blind need guides? Apparently, not.

Hey, who asked them blind people to get dogs? There’s loads of Accessibility Services in modern computers, screen readers, and GPS that talk to you! And well, you have a family, don’t you? Okay, your sister lives in Morocco and can’t go shopping in your stead, but – tough luck! Why should social services, the public pay this much for food an medical care for a dog? Dogs are pets, hence: luxury items. You have more important things on your mind than remaining self-determined. We paid asked dog health specialists, and they said our rates are well beyond the reasonable. Hey, there’s always tidbits from the slaughterhouse if you really think you need a guide dog, so stop complaining. We have mucho real issues to deal with. Here, have a leaflet, and don’t vote SP or Green, thanks a bunch.

It’s quite clear why the IV sticks with the label “invalid” to describe both its insurance system and its clients. In-valid. I agree with 50 % of that.