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Gregory House, M.D., wants to manipulate you.

You’re seriously ill, huh? Makes sense, then, that you refuse medical treatment and rather go the homeopathy route. Hells, why even see a physician to begin with? They’re only the cartel’s bitches, anyway.

I mean – how can anybody trust the meds industry and their pawns, aka “doctors”? After all, if everybody were healthy, they wouldn’t be able to make money, no? So naturally they try to make everybody as sick as possible so they can buy expensive German automobiles and a house or two.

House, yes. Ever wondered why the production values of House, M.D. are this high? Naturally it’s meant as televised propaganda so people trust their doctors more. All in the guise of a misanthrope with a drug habit. Them sneaky bastards! Tricking people into believing the medical lie by making the protagonist a cynical wanker!

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