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Mac users: Bloody pay for it already.

Some nifty application caught your eye? Do you figure it will come in handy? You actually need this program to do your chores? Earn money with it, even? Or do you just want to waste time playing around with this latest proof of human ingenuity, thinking your testicles will shrivel unless you keep on using it – even though the trial period expired two weeks ago?

Pay the bloody indy developers, then!

You got a new mouse, don’t like the drivers supplied by the manufacturer, Apple doesn’t support all buttons per default, there’s this tool that will make your new device work properly – and then you bitch that the dev wants € 10 for it? Ten measly Euros after you shelled out a couple of thou for your bloody Mac and another hundred for a mouse?

And don’t get me started on them wankers that pirate expensive graphics applications to remove daemonic red eyes from snapshots or crop their doodling. And then laugh at other, less expensive imaging software and their users for being sub-par.

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