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How not to use Twitter.

» Take everything literally. Like, real literally.

» Be offended at out-of-context retweets from an original poster you’ve never heard of.

» Make sure all your followers know of your instant dislike regarding abovementioned original poster by retweeting the offending retweet.

» Twitter Snooze is for pussies. You have to read each and every single tweet that comes in.

» If the burden of staying up-to-date proves too much, bitch about it (bitterly) in a tweet. Ignore the irony.

» Hire a Social Media Manager to spam remotely relevant hash-tags with your marketing blurbs. Call it “participating in the community”.

» Set up a Facebook profile which re-publishes all your tweets. Make sure that’s all there is to find on said profile.

» Also, tweets shall include nothing but links to your blog postings.

That said – I’m looking for a native OS X Twitter client that lets me set the maximum number of tweets to download, and download them manually. Any suggestions?