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The police enjoy their sport way too much.

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So you really like this Kneubühl dude. Robin Hood of Biel! Kicking the establishment’s arse left and right! Standing against huge governmental opposition, still: no kowtow from him! And the police, ha! The police are clowns. Can’t even capture a pensioner! Just look how they deal with this situation, what their plans were to arrest Peter-Hans! Amateurs!

Yes, because you know all there is to know about the Kneubühl case. It’s in the news, after all, so we all saw how stupidly the police acted, heard their reasoning, know of their braindead plans.


Do you really believe that the police will publish their every move in the media? Let me rephrase this – do you think that what they claim to have done and what’s still to come is The Truth™?

It must be, as it’s in the news. No matter that the fugitive is very likely reading the same papers, watching the same TV shows you do. Receiving the same information you do. The police apparently enjoy their sport, so it’s only natural they publicly present their strategy onscreen. It wouldn’t be fun if the opponent didn’t exactly know what they were doing next, now would it?

Facebook is worse than WWII.

Stop bitching at Facebook, there’s a good chap. I know it’s “in” to point privacy-aware fingers, especially if you’re working for an old-world media outlet. Sure, we all want to protect our jobs privacy. But bashing online services for things your own company has been dreaming of doing for years makes you look like a sore loser.

It gets super-stupid if you bitch and moan just to use some of them cursed technologies yourself. The Swiss TV show Kassensturz is a prime example. Let this screenshot speak for itself:

Seriously. Stop it. Read the News Posts, check the settings, and you won’t need guides such as the one from the former ReclaimPrivacy project. If you have enjoyed any form of liberal upbringing or education, you know what to look for without them parts of the press that are mortally afraid of the Wobble telling you how evil some companies can be. You know: Explaining “security issues” that a) have been around and well-documented for months and b) aren’t really concerns as, after all – it’s bloody Facebook. You want to be found and share information, don’t you? Why else sign up for a bleeding social network?

You can still turn crap off. Or quit Facebook, Twitter et al. Just don’t be a Cussing Lemming while playing all-high-and-mighty about not being a Social Media Lemming.

I enjoy circular arguments.