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Merry go bye-bye.

I normally try my best to understand my fellow human beings, but there is one thing that is simply beyond comprehension: why, oh WHY are so many people so … tasteless about committing suicide? Slitting your wrists in a green-tiled bathroom? Jumping off a bridge and leaving a mess on a freeway? Blowing your head off with your father’s cheap hunting rifle? If you are set about killing yourself, why not be a bit more careful with the details, why not show more taste? I simply don’t get it.

Worst of all, why do people listen to sad, depressing music when committing suicide? I mean, if you are seriously considering ending your life, you don’t really need any further encouragement or hear what a sad, sad world “it” is. You already know. But still, countless teenagers and midlife crisis wrecked managers harken the voices of Trent “Kill Me” Reznor and Billie “Blue Monday” Holliday when leaving it all behind.

I say: bad taste in suicide has to stop. After all, this will be the last conscious act you’ll commit (vomiting on a mid-17th century Persian rug doesn’t really count), so get there with style. Or leave an impression that will last, for the lack of a better word, a lifetime.

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Dumm, dumm, dumm, anotherone bites the dust.

Sad week? Perhaps you read German newspapers or watched the international channel on the telly? Preferably the sports channel? You know, that soccer dude who killed himself? Robert Enke? Right.

Yes, it’s a tragedy. He lost his child, became depressed, stood in front of a train, the police and undertaker had to collect bits and pieces over a multi-kilometer stretch, the train driver now is occupying the closed ward or something. Tragic, indeed.

The media? Collective attack on your tear ducts. His life is being reviewed, his situation analysed; psychologists and people who claim to have known him in kindergarten talk about his mental state. Just as they always do when somebody commits suicide, right? Right? Right?

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