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Stop clicking them fucking buttons on Facebook.

You’re on Facebook? Okay, then you know you’ve uploaded shitloads of personal data. You’ve hooked up with all them friends from grade school you haven’t spoken to in ten years. You’ve liked lots, mostly weird 80s television serials, and you’ve uploaded a plethora of pictures, namely of your tyke.

So why the flying bugger would you not check the official facebook stream or, for that matter, the news, for phishing-viral-worm-privacy-stuff?

Dude, these scams usually have been documented and debunked months before they hit you. So why oh why do you still hit the LIKE!!! button?

And spread that shit to your contacts, namely yours truly?

You have every reason to be careful about what you click on in Facebook. You’ve uploaded all that intimate crap to begin with, so for fuck’s sake take better care of your shit.